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About raymundomendoza

I'm concerned with message, content, connectivity, and overall transportation. It's music through the house and techno lens, a lens from my soul to the listener. To me, something is lost when an artist is concerned with terms like highest quality, perfection, or ultra. Unconventional loops, sounds found everywhere from VHS to YouTube are all available to me, and inspirational to what I'm creating. If the music is transcendental to me, in any way, it's something tangible, it's something that can be transformed and manipulated into an infinite expanse.


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The long version of my artist statement

I make music because it’s what I love. I sample anything and I do not care if it’s of the highest quality. What I care about is if it can carry the message I want it to deliver. I think … Continue reading

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This is the first transmission.

This is the area where we will store information about the title.

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