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club flyer

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The long version of my artist statement

an image of people together creating the word bodies.

I make music because it’s what I love. I sample anything and I do not care if it’s of the highest quality. What I care about is if it can carry the message I want it to deliver. I think our society is too caught up with words such as high quality, perfection, ultra. That doesn’t exist in my world. What matters to me is content and connectivity to my soul. I choose the framework of house music and techno to deliver my message. My goal is to transport the listener to the future of music by showing them the past. Music from all time is relevant. How that music has even gotten to my sampler is also relevant. VHS tapes or YouTube clippings all have their own story to tell. I use those qualities to further develop my ideas and fuse the new and old into a whole new musical universe.

The decisions I make come from an unknown force or movement within the music that urges that I push forward. I learned at an early age that beauty was relative. Empty buildings could be just as beautiful if not more beautiful than the newest and tallest skyscraper. This is the information I carry with me. Those are the reasons I choose to use the past to make new structures with sparse elements seeped in meaning that is  both audible as well as personal. times

The work is created within the house format and the tight rope of abstraction I introduce to it. The abstraction is made by many levels of decision-making. I welcome any flaws with open arms and in fact, highlight those flaws musically. How little information I can get away with introducing is also important to me. I believe in minimalism not as a musical genre but as a way of more direct communication to the listener. Sequencing is important in that I find the right balance between perfection and imperfection within the sounds. Lastly, I enjoy what I do. Each new process that I invent for myself takes me to a new planet and time.

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This is the first transmission.

This is the area where we will store information about the title.

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